Hakam & Gurnam | Sikh Wedding | London, UK

Hakam & Gurnam | Sikh Wedding | London, UK
Hakam & Gurnam | Sikh Wedding | London, UK

I was approached by Hakam and Gurnam to photograph what would be one of the most simple and spiritual weddings I have ever had the honour to document.

The ceremony took place at their local Gudwara before sunrise, on a warm summer morning in August. The bride and groom arrived in simple white, traditional clothing and sat through morning prayers with their family, friends, and members of the public who had also attended for their routine blessings.

The wedding was held around a fire, as it traditionally would have done many years ago in India, with the couple walking around it four times to signify the various stages of marriage. The beautiful simplicity of the ceremony serves as a reminder that in life we often get caught up gaining material wealth, and that weddings have become more about the show of the celebration and less about the spiritual union of two souls.

Following the ceremony, Hakam and Gurnam chose to have their portraits taken at a local park, with the sun blazing in the summer heat and the vibrant greenery providing the perfect backdrop to tell their story.

Thank you Hakam and Gurnam for letting me tell the story of such a unique and spiritual wedding, I feel honoured to have been able to document something so special and wish you all the best for your future together



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